Case Study, Employee

Work/Life Balance

Contrary to some beliefs, it is possible to satisfy both business requirements for 24/7 coverage and employee interests for quality time off with the same roster.

Preferences for work/life balance are very individual and can change for a shift worker as their circumstance change. So even though we may have some insight for employee preferences, it is an important step to clarify this interest.

A recent assessment of interests for day workers and shiftwork employees at a site uncovered issues related to fatigue, poor morale, low levels of trust and resistance to change.  Shiftwork Solutions’ findings also highlighted employee desires for more quality time off and healthier, more social lifestyles.

By working directly with all employees and their management team, we were able to identify roster patterns that supported employee capabilities to cope with shiftwork.  Employees participated in the design and selection of the final roster solutions which delivered improvements in attendance, quality, yields, safety, flexibility and employee morale.

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