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Informed Shiftwork Decisions

We know informed decisions lead to better outcomes. So how do we inform decisions for our shiftwork operations.

Shiftwork Solutions have information from other shiftwork operations that can be used to identify areas of good performance and areas for improvement. For example, if 65 percent of your shift workers feel part of a team or crew, is that good or bad?

It is possible to evaluate performance for employee sleep patterns, mental health, shift length use, team concepts, shift rotations, work cycles, time off, fatigue, management, predictability, overtime, and other components of shiftwork.

A research paper by Dr Mark Bremhorst and Dr Ree Jordan (1) from the University of Queensland links Shiftwork Solutions’ proprietary information system (shift worker database) to improved decision making.

ABSTRACTTo answer the long-standing question of how to construct information systems to support heuristic decision making, we propose a model of decision support for tacit knowledge.

Our aim is to advance a general model of how heuristics affect the quality of an interaction between a decision maker and an information system. Such a model has implications for the construction of explanations for automated decision making. In a pilot case study of shiftwork planning, we explore the use of heuristics by consultants to interpret the conditions, outputs, and quality of shiftwork and to generate recommendations for changes to the design of shiftwork in organisations.

The proposed, full case study to follow this pilot study will evaluate a conceptual model of decision support to inform how heuristics can explain decisions made by human, and by extension, artificial intelligence agents.

A full copy of the paper proceedings is provided here.

Shiftwork Solutions’ shift worker database represents 30 years of data and input from over 39,372 individual workers representing 330 different operating sites, and 203 different companies and the following industry sectors;

· 10,839 from Manufacturing

· 14,660 from Mining

· 1,353 from Processing Plants

· 10,844 from Services, and

· 1,676 from Utilities/Energy.

1 Bremhorst, Mark and Jordan, Ree, “How Information Systems can Support Heuristic Decision Making: A Pilot Study”
(2023). ACIS 2023 Proceedings. 67.

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