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Roster Management Systems

Our network of shiftwork operations and specialist experience designing optimal roster solutions shows that it is only a matter of time… before the complexities of managing your day-to-day shiftwork operations require using a roster management system and moving away from spreadsheets.

To assist, Shiftwork Solutions has created ROSTERkey, the first roster management solution designed to address the unique requirements of shiftwork operations. Could your operations benefit from this?

• Providing timely information and support for labour decisions on shift
• Ensuring compliance before approving and publishing changes
• Communicating directly with your shift workers
• A single source of truth
• Documenting changes and providing an audit trail
• Eliminating additional administration and workarounds
• Accommodating different levels of authority
• Integrating information into other company systems

If it’s time for you to move to the next level, ROSTERkey can provide total visibility for your rosters and provide business, employee, and health/safety insights to optimise your workforce.

We have the capability to help you improve performance for your shiftwork operations. Just let us know when the time is right for you and we can show you how.

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