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Getting the right balance

Over time, changes in business requirements and workplace conditions can make existing rostering practices and labour allocations inefficient and expensive when compared to other alternatives.

Also, many rosters are inherited from a previous time and do not address current business, employee and health/safety needs for a work area or site operation.  Optimal roster solutions have capabilities to address all your requirements.

The impact of rosters and hours of work on business performance is often underestimated.  An inefficient roster affects many parts of a business including:

  • output and quality,
  • employee attendance,
  • overtime usage,
  • staff utilisation (overstaffing at times),
  • relief coverage options,
  • time spent managing leave,
  • labour costs,
  • training and communication,
  • employee morale, and
  • fatigue related risk

If you are experiencing any of these or other symptoms, they are indicators of poor roster performance and opportunities for improvement. Analyses of these components are useful for your business case for change and decision making.

Trying to patch cracks in your rostering arrangements, can contribute to these inefficiencies.  A better approach is to implement a long-term roster solution that addresses all of your business, employee and health/safety requirements.

You deserve a break and time to focus on business priorities, not roster issues.

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