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8’s or 12’s

Shift length preference is a personal issue for most workers.  Some workers prefer 8 hour shift lengths, others like 10 hours and others prefer 12 hours.  Businesses can also have preferences for shift length based on their previous experience and concerns about fatigue.

We recently worked with a site that wanted to evaluate the merits of both 8 and 12 hour shift lengths for their 24/7 operations.  Management was concerned that 12 hour shifts did not provide adequate recovery time between consecutive shifts, relief coverage options, training or communication opportunities.  Employees were interested in 12 hour shifts to obtain more weekends off and longer breaks between work cycles.

To assist this client, Shiftwork Solutions developed a variety of roster solutions and presented these to management and employees, along with full comparisons showing differences in pay, time off, benefits and other considerations relating to each roster.

The employees’ final roster selection obtained consensus for a combination of both 8 and 12 hour shift lengths. This solution maximised time-off benefits on weekends for employees and satisfied all other requirements for the business.

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