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Still Using Spreadsheets?

You are not alone!

Shiftwork Solutions works with more than a hundred different operations each year and many still use spreadsheets for the day-to-day management of their shiftwork rosters and hours of work.

Why so much use?  The extensive development and use of customised spreadsheets for rosters in shiftwork operations indicate that there is:

  • a high level of customisation and detail required to illustrate local roster patterns, colours, notations and acronyms that are used to communicate pending and approved shift and role assignments for teams and individuals, and
  • a lack of existing software systems and alternative products that fit the needs of many 24/7 operations.

Limitations with spreadsheet use are also well known, creating additional administration and work arounds for shiftwork environments as operational responsibilities handover to a new team every 8-12 hours (shift change).

For example, managers and workers must address:

  • Working with multiple versions of spreadsheets (changes) and determining the correct version
  • Macro development within spreadsheet cells that is not understood by others
  • Reviewing potential roster changes before approving and publishing them
  • Fixing templates and errors that surface due to lack of testing
  • Documenting changes and maintaining an approval process and level of authority
  • Providing an audit trail
  • Integrating information into larger company systems (e.g. payroll)
  • Loss of understanding and functionality when key personnel responsible for the spreadsheet(s) leave or move outside the work area.

In response to these limitations, Shiftwork Solutions has created ROSTERkey, the first roster management system designed to address the needs of shiftwork operations.

ROSTERkey brings a breath of fresh air to evaluating, managing and communicating rosters and hours of work.

When you are ready to move to the next level (beyond spreadsheets), let us show you how ROSTERkey can provide total visibility for your rosters and provide business, employee and health/safety insights to optimise your workforce.

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