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Pay and Benefit Calcs

Another organisation implemented a new roster more than seven years ago.   In preparation for their upcoming EA, employees presented a case to management claiming that they were eligible for significant back-pay due to an incorrect conversion for public holidays worked.

Unfortunately, this organisation did not fully understand how the roster worked for public holidays (with some public holidays rostered to work and some public holidays rostered off throughout the cycle) and this led to miscalculations for both pay and time off benefits associated with public holidays.

After reviewing their roster and award details, we calculated accurate pay conversions for the original roster change seven years ago.  This analysis showed that although some under payment to employees had taken place, this amount was less than over payments made to employees where they benefited from the company’s original pay conversions.

Inaccurate pay and benefit calculations are generated from:

  • roster changes that have been implemented by operations without updating language in EAs and Awards to address conditions in the new roster
  • inexperience with 24/7 shiftwork operations, rotating rosters, pay and benefit accruals, averaging and usage
  • inaccurate interpretations and calculations for when pay and benefits apply to hours of work.

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