Health Education, Fatigue Management and Lifestyle Training

Invest in your workforce and reduce fatigue related risks. Helping your workers live better with their shiftwork hours and lifestyle provides benefits to your business, supervisors, employees and families.

Shiftwork operations are unique workplaces and many individuals do not understand how personal strategies can help them with their work hours and changing sleep and wake times.

Providing comprehensive, up-to-date health education, fatigue management and lifestyle information in a true learning environment can make a difference.  This training helps workers manage their shiftwork lifestyles, raises awareness about shared responsibilities and reduces fatigue related risk associated with hours of work.

This information is important for managing fatigue and can be delivered three different ways:


For as little as $39, you can obtain a twelve month 24/7 licence.

Classroom Sessions

Customised training to work directly with your shiftworkers and rosters

Take-home Booklets

For as little as $5 you can provide valuable information to your shiftworkers.

This information is designed by Shiftwork Solutions for shift worker understanding, covers all key topics and provides a real learning experience.  Topics include:

  • How our biological clocks work
  • The accumulation of sleep debt (sleep loss)
  • Current health information for managing shiftwork lifestyles
  • Fatigue management
  • Sleep disorders
  • Personal health habits
  • Strategies for coping with different hours of work
  • Lifestyle issues such as; caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sleeping pills, diet, lighting, exercise and communication

Shiftwork Solutions has developed this information based on the latest sleep research and over 30 years working directly with shiftwork operations, shift workers and their families to improve outcomes. This training provides a very cost-effective way to improve the performance of your shiftwork operations.

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