Roster Implementation

Changing rosters is a very emotional process.  Too often the impact of implementing a new roster is underestimated and handled incorrectly.  This creates additional delays, lost time, higher costs, mistrust and even industrial action.

Shiftwork Solutions experienced consultants manage all aspects of roster implementation including:

  • developing trial period parameters and follow up conditions for new rosters
  • obtaining roster agreements between management, employees and unions 
  • presenting final roster options to employees 
  • illustrating the differences between roster choices, both personal and financial 
  • developing transition rosters
  • converting all work and pay policies for new rosters, including:
    • ordinary and overtime hours
    • allowances and shift premiums
    • annual, sick and other leave
    • public holidays
    • meal and rest breaks
  • developing text for workplace agreements
  • administering the final roster vote with employees