Our Products And Services

We customise our products and services to meet the size and complexity of your needs.  Here are some examples of what we can do for you.


Roster Design

A poorly designed work roster affects more than just your bottom line. Over time, most workloads change and existing rosters no longer satisfy important business, employee or health and safety requirements. ...read more

Business Analysis

Inefficiencies within rosters impact more than a business' coverage and costs. However, the ability to identify and fix these inefficiencies can be limited by the number of alternative solutions known to your management team. ...read more

Employee Participation

A roster “touches” every part of an organisation. Attempting to change a roster without involving those affected by the roster can often lead to problems worse than those you are trying to resolve. ...read more

Roster Implementation

Changing rosters is a very emotional process. Too often the impact of implementing a new roster is underestimated and handled incorrectly. This creates additional delays, lost time, higher costs, mistrust and even industrial action. ...read more

Pay and Benefit Calculations

If you are uncertain about remuneration for your shiftwork operation, Shiftwork Solutions can help. We provide pay and benefit calculations that clarify what should be paid or received for different hours of work. ...read more

Industrial Relations

There is no need for a roster change to lead to industrial action. The process we use develops solutions with the full participation from all parties and avoids unnecessary disputes and negotiation. ...read more

Communicating Change (Facilitation)

Mention anything about a potential roster change and the rumours start to fly. Shiftwork Solutions has learned that if you do not communicate and manage change, it will work against you. ...read more

Customised Solutions

In our experience, 'one size does not fit all' for the design of rosters. Trying to implement the same roster solution at another site simply doesn't work. ...read more

Health Education, Fatigue Management & Lifestyle Training

Once you are working a roster that fits your site specific needs, additional benefits can flow from educating your workforce. Shiftwork Solutions provides comprehensive health, lifestyle and fatigue management information for supervisors, employees, ...read more

Roster Management Software

Finally, there is roster management software designed by roster specialists that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. 

ROSTERkey will allow you to manage your rosters, analyse performance and optimise your rosters for operational success. ...read more