Health Education, Fatigue Management And Lifestyle Training

Once you are working a roster that fits your site specific needs, additional benefits can flow from educating your workforce.  Shiftwork Solutions provides comprehensive health, lifestyle and fatigue management information for supervisors, employees, partners and families in three different formats.

1)   Classroom training sessions with each shift or crew;

2)   Fatigue Champion workshop sessions for trainers, supervisors and selected employees; and  

3)   Take home booklets for employees and their families.

This information is designed for both day workers and shiftworkers and translates well into other languages and cultures.  Topics include:

  • customised coping strategies and training to fit your specific roster patterns
  • how our biological clocks work
  • the accumulation of sleep debt (sleep loss)
  • current health information for managing shiftwork lifestyles
  • fatigue management
  • communication with family and friends
  • the effects of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sleeping pills, diet, lighting and exercise

Shiftwork Solutions has developed this information based on the latest sleep research and over 20 years of direct work with shiftworkers.

Educating a workforce on how to manage and live better with their hours of work can provide significant benefits to all parties.  Our health education take home booklets provide similar information as the training sessions and are useful for sharing this information with family and friends.

Take home booklets are 24 pages in length and printed on A5 sheets.  Text within the booklets is written for public understanding.

Take home booklets are available in two formats, generic booklets and customised booklets.  "Generic" health booklets cost $5.45 (GST included) per copy plus postage and handling.  Discounts are available for quantities exceeding 100 booklets.

"Customised" booklets provide additional information tailored to your current roster patterns and to your corporate branding.  Contact Shiftwork Solutions on +61 7 3216 0161 to discuss your training needs or to get a quote for take home booklets.

Click here to register your contact details with us and we will send you a free copy of our take home booklet as a result.

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