Business Analysis

Inefficiencies within rosters impact more than a business' coverage and costs.  However, the ability to identify and fix these inefficiencies can be limited by the number of alternative solutions known to your management team.

Shiftwork Solutions' experienced consultants thoroughly investigate your business to identify potential opportunities and hidden costs. We compare costs and benefits, then develop tailored solutions to improve your overall business performance. 

Our analyses include:

  • conducting key staff interviews
  • evaluations of current roster performance
  • calculations of real labour and other operating costs
  • identification of all workload requirements including relief coverage, training, supervision, special projects, maintenance and communication
  • development of workload profiles showing seasonal fluctuations, machine utilisation, capacity constraints, interaction with other departments and other operating needs
  • evaluations of attendance patterns, safety performance, turnover, productivity and other indicators
  • identification of opportunities for cost savings and other benefits
  • development of potential alternative solutions
  • comparison of different roster benefits and costs

Many of the roster evaluations presented in our business analyses are later adopted by the management team as performance measures or KPI's for their own rosters.